ARTNIU, Black and White, Woodcut Print Set, With Tutorials

Name: Black and White Woodcut Print Set
Specifications: 42×31.5×5CM
Appy to: beginners and artists
Product List: lime wood woodcut engraving board A4*2, A5*2, drawing book, coriaceous 8k, copying paper (1 pocket), sandpaper 1500 mesh (2 pieces), 800 mesh (2 pieces), odourless color oil 75ML, painting thinner 75M, shellac 75ML, black ink 100ML, wooden mushroom, roller (5CM), stainless steel art knife, carving knife five-piece set, palette knife, black double head marker, paper weight*2, translucent stationery box, 4 B rubber, 4 B pencil, disposable gloves

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