Transon Artist Paint Brushes Set with Case 12pces for Miniatures, Models, Watercolors, Acrylics, Oil, Tempera, Enamel, and Body Painting


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  • Professional detail paint brushes - 12 pieces miniature brushes set. These fine thin brushes are great for intricate detail works on your paintings, miniatures, models, figurines, enamels, nails and your DIY works. Synthetic taklons are suitable for all media like watercolors, acrylic painting, oil painting, gouache and tempera painting.
  • Versatile paint brush set - these detail brushes are wide-ranged from 4/0 to 1, with liner, round and flat. 12 pieces of fine brushes with different tips are capable of any intricate works. Perfect for artist, professionals, students, teachers, hobbyist, beginners, adults and kids.
  • Ergonomic design - triangular designed handles with perfect balance give you a comfortable grip, helps you with better precision control while you are work on a detail work. No more hand cramps after holding the thin miniature brushes too long.
  • Premium detail brushes set - premium taklon hairs with perfect snap, hand crafted handles are made of birch wood and finished with UV paint, dark painted double crimped copper ferrules. All the paintbrushes are made under rigorous process to deliver the best miniature paint brushes.
  • All the brushes are well protected and packed in an extendable brush organizer container. Perfect gift for artists, students, teachers, beginners, hobbyist, adults and kids.

Transon 12-piece detail paint brushes are suitable for acrylic, watercolor, gouache, oil, tempera enamel and body painting. Perfect for professionals, artists, teachers, students, adults and kids.

Perfect detail brush series:


  • 12-piece versatile detail brushes, flat, rigger, round, all the brushes you need for your detail work. You can use these detail brushes for miniatures, models, detail painting, citadel, DIY, and other intricate works.
  • Premium taklon made brushes that will last for many years if they are proper cared.
  • Triangular birch wood handle with smooth finish, gives you comfortable artist grip.
  • Perfect gift for artist, teacher, begginer, hobbyist, adult and kid. Extendable brush holder holds all your paint brushes, easy to transport and travel with.


Package includes:

- 12 pieces detail paint brushes.

- 1 dust bag.

- 1 extendable pen & brush holder.

Overall package size: 8.7"x2.8"x2.8"

Care your brushes: Clean the brushes right after use by soaking in lukewarm soap water(Do not use hot water!) and rinse well. Gently reshape the bristles with fingers, let dry(Do not rest the brushes on their hairs!) first in room-temperature.


We do what we do

Life's full of inspirations especially for people who are always having ideas about making everything more beautiful and creative. So we do  plein-air painting, drawing, coloring, etc. We also paint on furniture, miniatures, models, rocks, dolls, things that we can get our hands on. Just the thought that we can make things more beautiful in life.

This detail paint brushes set is capable to be with you, to make things more beautiful through artist’s hands, your hands. They help you with all the intricate details works.

Let’s take these brushes with us to discover the beauty of life and make the place we are living a better place with art.


Versatile Paint Brush Set

Portable package


  • 12 pieces of miniature paint brushes are packed in a dust bag which is store in a brush holder container.
  • Simply rotate the container to extend and open the brush pen holder.

Perfect detail paint brush set
  • These detail brushes are suitable for painting with all media such as acrylics, oil, watercolors, gouache, tempera.
  • Premium taklon hair, perfect flexibility.
  • Quality birch handle with smooth finish. Triangular design, comfortable grip.
  • Chrome plated copper ferrules double crimped to the handles.

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