Transon Artist Painting Canvas Panel 12-Pack Size 8 x 10 inch

8" x 10"
  • 100% COTTON - 100% cotton made canvas, fine texture. Suitable for oil painting and acrylic painting, art party.
  • ACID-FREE - Triple acrylic gesso primed with acid-free technique. Ready for oil and acrylic art painting.
  • DURABLE and PORTABLE Canvas Panel- 3mm thick, eco hard board. HARD CORE, DOES NOT BEND EASILY. Much lighter and smaller then stretched canvas with frame.
  • Professional canvas panel - High tenacity cotton mounted on the hard density board. Perfect for artist, students, hobbyist, crafts work, DIY, adult, kids.
  • VALUE PACK - 12 pieces of canvas panels. Size: 8”x 10”.

Transon Artist Painting Canvas Panel 100% Cotton suitable for oil painting and acrylic painting for professionals, artist, student, hobbyist, adult and kids.

Four-layer acid-free acrylic prime, acid-free glued on the canvas board. These canvas panels have great "bite", suitable for different paint media.


PACKAGE INCLUDES: - 12 pieces of size 8”x10” cotton canvas boards



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