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Transon Poster Tube Storage for Artworks, Blueprints, Drafting and Scrolls Color Yellow

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$19.69 - $19.69
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  • PLASTIC POSTER TUBE - The poster scroll tubes are suitable for posters, paper rolls, scrolls, artworks, documents, maps,sketching papers, architect papers, blue prints, anything that you want to roll in instead of folding.
  • EXTENDABLE LENGTH - Telescoping tube . Simply twisting the tube will adjust the length from 20.4”to 40”.
  • WATER-PROOF PLASTIC - Plastic of the poster tube protects your artworks, paper scrolls, documents, blue prints from water.
  • VERSATILE FUNCTION - Great storage and transporting tube, perfect for storing: artworks, blue prints, documents, maps, paper scrolls, posters etc. Suitable for art students, architects, designers, artist,
  • Overall size: 3.4”(diameter) x 25.4”(length) - 40”(extended)

Transon art storage & transport tubes, poster tubes are suitable for blueprints, artworks, scrolls, documents, drafts, papers and stuff you want to fit in.
Perfect for artist, architect, students, illustrators, hobbyists etc.

Diameter: 3.4”
Length : 20.4” extend to 40”.

Water-proof feature protects your stuff from water while transporting.
Shoulder strap to carry in your hands or on your shoulder.

Remember to extend the shoulder strap before extending the tube.


Shoulder strap

  • Quality nylon belt
  • Adjustable
  • Easy to carry

Great for artist, art students, architect, hobbyist.



  1. Rotate to the right to extend to desired length
  2. Rotate to the left to lock in

note: the position has to fit the slots before it can be properly locked.