Transon Tripod Aluminum Table Top and Floor Easel Stand 65" Lightweight Adjustable 2-Pack with Portable Bag (Silver)

  • ALUMINUM LIGHT WEIGHT. High quality aluminum alloy easel . Tripod design, sturdy and stable.
  • Versatile functions. Can be used as table easel, floor easel, standing easel, art easel, desk easel, easel for painting, display easel stand, for displaying, sketching,drawing and painting indoors and outdoors. Suitable for artists, students, event planning, adults, kids.
  • ADJUSTABLE - Height(approx 20”- 65”) suitable for both table easel and floor easel. By simply sliding the telescoping legs in and out.
  • Anti-skid designed feet with ball joints allow a limited range of smooth movement in all directions. Capable of different terrains.
  • VALUE PACK of 2 - 2 pieces of easels, great value pack when you buy more. EACH folding size approx: 21",weight:1.9 lbs with Velcro strap to hold it all together in a nylon bag while transporting and carrying

Transon Aluminum Tripod Easel. 
table easel, floor easel, field easel, art easel, display easel, tabletop easel, standing easel.Can be used for office, painting, drawing, studio. Suitable for artist, students, adults, kids, events planning.
Pack of 2 pieces.

Value pack of 2 includes:

  1. 2 aluminum easels
  2. 2 nylon bags
  3. 2 manuals

packaging dimension: Dimension:8.7” x 3.9” x 22”
weight: 2 lbs per 1, 4 lbs total.




  1. To adjust the height by unlocking the clips to extend the legs to your desired height.
  2. Then refasten the clips on the legs.



  1. The canvas rack rests on the two front legs which have adjustable screws on. Loosen the screws from the back of the legs to adjust the rests to desired height then tighten them.
  2. The canvas rack has row of rings which you can hang onto the rest.



  1. There is a clip at the back of the mast.
  2. Adjust the rests to desired height then press the clip to lock.
  3. Undo the clip to unlcok.



  1. The clamp is on the top of the mast with a spring at back and a fastener.
  2. Lift the fastener to activate the spring.
  3. Push the clamp forward to accommodate the artist canvas (drawing board,paper,or anything accommodable)then refasten by pressing down the fastener.


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