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Transon specialized in canvas and stretched canvas manufacture for 17 years. Founded at the beginning, the company mainly focused on the production of the linen yarns and linen unprimed canvas. With more than ten years development,Transon has gradually become a comprehensive art supplies production and sales company which focused on canvas roll, stretched canvas, and providing customers with a one-stop shopping service for art supplies.

As a professional art supplies manufacturer, Transon is committed to providing the most perfect service to its customers. This includes not only high quality products, but also customized service.



--- High Quality Products---

As an art supplies manufacturer, Transon has achieved quality control from design to shipment. Reliable quality of our products is provided by reasonable design, high quality materials source, strict control of production process and testing standards.

   ---Customized Service---

The diversity of the world makes product diversification a necessity. Different countries and markets, as well as different cultures and needs, require us to provide our customers with a wide range of products. This is why customized services are created. Transon will provide different customers with the products they really need. Let our products support your art dream anywhere.