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TRANSON Linen Rolls 4438 - Fine Textures

von Transon
Original Preis $44.99 - Original Preis $55.99
Original Preis
$44.99 - $55.99
Derzeitiger Preis $55.99
Massive discount upon bulk purchase.
Made from premium materials, 4 coating processes:
The first layer: water-based colorless transparent layer, a strong and reliable foundation also protection of canvas.
The second layer: Special formulated coating applies, to form a continuous and uniform coating on the canvas.
The third layer: Another layer applied after the previous layers dried.   The canvas will become smoother and more beautiful.
The fourth layer: A final layer applied making the surface of the coating more firm, clean and smooth, for better brush strokes and strong absorption of paints.

It’s suitable for most painting techniques that require smooth texture, suitable for realistic and hyper-realistic painting such as human body, portrait and still-life.
Suitable for acrylic, oil painting.
Weight: 11.82 oz.
Texture: Fine Textures

Quality checked by hand ---- Professional quality control

Linen blend, leak-proof

If you need more size specifications, please contact: art@transonart.com. We support various customized requirements.

Size: 22.8" x 10 yds