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Transon Paint Saver Storage Palette Box 16well Portable Airtight Moisturizing White

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  • Transon 16-well airtight portable paint storage palette. Made from quality plastic, suitable for storing paints: gouache, acrylic, watercolor, and lipstick, etc.
  • Silicone seal cover under palette lid is removable, it makes sure this palette is airtight, it can keep paint moist for days to save paint from drying.
  • There are groove marks designs at the bottom of each well(except 4 corner) . It helps brief cleaning of paint brushes.
  • This paint palette is always easy to clean, simply rinse the plastic palette and silicone seal separately(do not use hot water to wash silicon seal).
  • Compact design, paint saver box overall(including buckle) size(approx): 0.95”x 4.6”x 3.5”. 16 wells in all. Each of the squared wells dimension(approx): H: 1.8cm, W: 2cm, W: 2cm. Capacity of 8ml(approximately).

Transon paint storage palette box.

  • 16-well palette box with lid.
  • Silicone seal under lid keeping paint inside moist.
  • Suitable for gouache, acrylic, watercolor and oil paint. Also other stuff that you want to keep moist.
  • Overall size(excluding buckle): (approx): 0.95”x 3.5”x 3.5”
  • Easy to clean with watercolor. (be noted: do not use hot water for the silicone seal, it will cause shrinking)

 Tips: 1. Do not place this palette box upside down, the paint may flow over the silicone seal.

2. Do not use hot water to wash silicone as it will deform by the temperature.

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